I’m a hugger! So whilst we navigate the days of coronavirus, keeping safe, keeping distanced, I’m struck by how much I’m missing my friends and family. In the absence of real hugs with loved ones, I’ve made these small bundles of squishy love to send as a little pick me up. My send-a-friend soft toys are perfect to pop in the post and remind your favourite people you are missing them.


Rainbows and Lions

One morning on my walk to the post-box, I was struck by all the rainbows displayed in people’s windows. Whilst the streets were empty, as families tucked themselves safely at home, here was this universal way that showed we were thinking of each other.

Wanting to remind friends who wouldn’t see our rainbow, my young son and I drew some friendly animals to share with pals. Lion was the first design, soon followed by little boys and girls, inspired by people we were unable to embrace. I realised if this was how we were feeling, perhaps I could create something others could send to stay connected. 

These friends fit perfectly in children’s hands and can be hugged and played with, as well and being easily washed too. They are baby safe with their eco-friendly fabric and strong stitching.

As always I wanted to make every gift a delight to unwrap so have added a small note to each box, that can be personalised with the sender’s message. 


Keep talking 

Whether you are loving a Zoom call, enjoy hanging out on social media or prefer a chat on the phone- keeping connected is one of the best ways we are going get through the coronavirus and still feel okay at the end. Take care - stay safe.


  • Send -a- friend

    I’ve been so lucky to receive happy post from friends and family during lockdown. It’s lifted my day getting a card or parcel through my letterbox.

  • Share a craft

    As a parent with a child at home we are finding lots of crafts to keep us busy. I’m so happy when other mums share their creative tips and ideas, so we can enjoy the fun too.

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