Would you like to know how to get all the gold stars for gift giving? Why not choose your favourite person a personalised gift to make their day.  From room decorations that will make them the envy of their friends to toys and bags that make an irrestible gift. Just choosing a favourite colour or adding a name or personalised message is easy at Cotton Fox Prints. 


When only unicorn pink will do!

Can you remember being young and absolutely loving that favourite colour you wore everyday? You had a pink coat, scarf, pencil case, bedroom and school bag. Children feel safe when they can make some of those small choices in their lives, so choosing a gift that shows "you get them" will raise some pretty impresive smiles. 

At Cotton Fox Prints, the designs are created in-house by Ros, who can tweak an illustration, change a colour or add a name. Please get in touch if you have a project in mind.


Easy gift wrap

To make your gift really special, think about the wrapping too. At Fox HQ all orders are gift wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon to make your life smoother. To add something extra special to a big day, add some sparkles or balloons to your gift. Be creative with home crafts that can be added to your wrapping. Most of all, have fun with it. 


  • Name banners

    These look great on bedroom doors or above a bed. Feel free to ask for smiting in your team colours.

  • Personalised storage

    The arguing stops when everyone knows where their stuff is kept. Easy to carry and portable, personalised toy baskets are a quick win in a busy household.

  • Children's Bags

    Take your pick of any of my children's bags and add a leather name tag to make it special. All hand stamped in house, even the most unusual names can be personalised.

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