Easter Fun

Whether it's their first Easter or their seventh, the Spring celebration marks a time families get togther and have fun. The anticipation of the Easter bunny’s visit and the excitement of an egg hunt helps to build the joy in any household. It’s also time for me to share my soft toy bunnies for 2020, with some new sizes and patterns they’re sure to delight.


New babies

Brightly coloured flowers, baby lambs and sunnier days are a lovely reminder that Spring marks a new chapter in the calendar.  I'm very excited that there will be some few new arivals here in Somerset too. With two babies arriving within a month of each other, just down the road from me, what better way to celebrate than to make a couple of new gifts! This year I’m adding to my collection, some smaller baby rattle bunnies. These can be gifted in a personalised bag, and sent directly to your loved ones. I’ve also added a softer watercolour palette to my designs. So you can now choose from my Scandinavian bright prints or dreamy pastels. 


How to plan an egg hunt the easy way!

Perhaps like me you tend to over-plan a holiday event. I've learnt over the years that keeping it simple is the key, children can get bored easily and spending two hours on the prepartion for a 10 minute activity is a little soul destroying. Follow these three, easy steps to success and you too can enjoy the family fun this Easter.


  • Rain or shine

    Here in the UK we are known for the odd shower! So plan two options for the day- just in case. The Easter bunny has been known to get in through the back door some years!

  • Make some clues

    To slow the hunt down for older children, try hiding clues with cryptic messages on them leading to the eggs. The Easter bunny can sign each one to keep it authentic.

  • Dress up

    A great way to build anticipation is to ask the children to dress up for their hunt with a hat or accessory. Bunny ears are great favourite.

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