If you’re scratching your head and need gift ideas this Christmas - help is here!

Every  September I make a  Christmas gift list. I make notes on what I’ll make or buy friends and family and feel pretty happy that I’m ahead of the game. Yet every December I find that I’ve only bought two gifts and I’m panicked and overwhelmed. If you’re like me and need to some help, I’ve popped this handy guide together that has lots of gift ideas from small makers here in the UK. It has web links to all the amazing products so one click and you’re straight on the right website. So sit back with a cup of tea (or mulled wine!) and finish your shopping with ease.



I run a small business, many of my friends run small businesses - up and down the country there are families working unusual hours at kitchen tables, in sheds and even one jewellery friend who works under the stairs Harry Potter-style! 

What we have in common is a passion and purpose for the handmade work we create. We love what we do, so in turn we want you to discover that experience  too. You may not see how we sew, draw, paint and craft our work, but you will enjoy gift wrapped parcels, personal notes of thanks and even the odd free gift. We are experts in sending directly to the recipient, so your friends and family will receive hand written messages in their perfectly packed post and you can be confident that they’ll be smiling when they thank you for the effort.




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